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Bootilicious, Summer Ready, Suns out ,Guns out

Summer is threatening to make an appearance.

Now in the Uk we can’t be sure how sustained that will be , but one thing is for sure is ,we’ll need to strip back a few layers on at least a few days this summer. If the thought of this fills you with dread, you are not alone. According to the mental health foundation

· One in five adults (20%) felt shame

· Just over one third (34%) felt down or low, and

· 19% felt disgusted because of their body image in the last year

Baring all might trigger lots of unwanted feelings, but rather than ignoring these, and being stuck in a cycle of bingeing, punishment or purging and promising yourself the diet starts Monday, maybe this summer its time to be kinder to yourself .

It’s become a popular truism that you are what you eat – so it follows that bombarding our minds with glamour and perfection 24/7 on social media , TV and magazines can prove a cruel diet. Continually filling our heads with unrealistic photo shopped images , can kill our own creativity, set unrealistic expectations of what we should look like, and create visions of completely unsustainable bodies and lifestyles which make us unhappy with who we are and the life we are living.

We are whole beings, mind body and soul one entity, each affected by the nourishment , care and activity of the other. A busy mind creates a tense body. An abused body, a confused mind and stifled creativity, a lost soul.

In many ways it’s easier to focus on the problem we see, the one we think we understand – our weight, our shape our physical being. And there are various schools of thought on how.

Some espouse learning about food and nutrition and following diets more suited to our lifestyle, doing more exercise and being kinder to ourselves if we falter. Others start with where we , working our confidence muscles and getting to love and appreciate and share what we’ve got with the world

Both have great merits and deliver results but what if the problem is more than what we see .

Our self- esteem – how we feel about ourselves has a huge impact us.

What we know about ourselves and what we like or dislike about ourselves can remain surprisingly and sometimes stubbornly hidden from us and yet it is often these beliefs which are fuelling our self - esteem.

What, then, if we started with what we can’t see, what we maybe aren’t aware of - that is , what we really think about ourselves ?

I’m always deeply moved and inspired by the work I do and am witness to many ‘light bulb’ moments which can inspire change at the deepest levels of the mind , body and soul. Its no slim fast , or instant transformation , but affects are deep rooted, long lasting and unique to each client.

So if you’re sensing familiar patterns alighting, maybe this year taking some time to get to know yourself could set you free to be whole and happy in the body you have.

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